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How to Use the Opener Safely

11/01/2015 Back To Blog

With garage door opener installation, you will not have to worry about manual opening and closing and all the effort and hassle associated with these activities. Indeed, this type of device is more than helpful for households. At the same time, just like any other type of machine, it must be used in a safe manner. Here is some essential advice to help you with this.How to Use the Opener Safely

Careful Operation with the Garage Motor Remote and More

Each opener has to be equipped with a pair of safety sensors also known as photo eyes, whose job is to detect objects underneath the door during closing and to signal the device to reverse the course of the door. This is a major requirement under the UL 325 standard. All models made after 1993 come with such accessories. If you still have an older unit without sensors, you must opt for replacement immediately. Similarly, faulty sensors have to be fixed or replaced right away. Once the sensors are in place, they will require proper care. You should test them and clean them every three months. Inspection for damage is also an essential part of garage door safety sensors maintenance.

One of the most important rules even if you have safety sensors is to use the remote control only when you have a clear visibility of the door. The modern clickers are made to have a wide operating range, but this does not mean that you should open the door from around the corner when arriving home or close it while you are facing the opposite direction. Keeping this basic safety rule can prevent serious accident causing injury to people as well as damage to property.

If you use a timer for automatic closing, you have to ensure that there are not any objects left under it before you leave the garage. The timer should produce both visual and audible signals before engaging the closing to warn any people around to stay away. This type of basic safety system should also be set in place if you plan to close the door remotely via a computer or a smartphone.

Children and garage door openers and remotes are a dangerous combination. You should talk to your kids about the dangers of playing with the clicker, with the safety sensors and with the tracks, cables and panels of the door. If the youngsters are playing outside, you should keep an eye on them at all times and ensure that they stay away from the door. If you have a teen who will use the remote by himself, you should give him a full set of instructions.

Last, but not least, if you notice any issues with the door or the opener, you must stop using the device immediately. It is best if you disconnect it from both its power source and the door for maximum safety.

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