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Garage Door Maintenance

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Panel Cleaning

Garage Door Maintenance in FloridaWhat is the best way to approach garage door maintenance? Ideally, the process should start with panel cleaning. Sodium peroxide, specially formulated cleaner or detergent will do a great job in removing the dirt. The important thing is to prepare the water solution accurately. If there are any cobwebs around, they should be removed first with a broom. The best tool for cleaning is a soft sponge. Steel wool or another abrasive tool can only cause harm. Rinsing with clean water and a sponge is essential. Using the garden hose may seem easier, but it is messy and results in water wasting. The perfectly dry panels are ready for repainting. It is best to apply a fresh coat of paint every year.

Torsion Spring Care

Most residential doors use a torsion coil spring rather than a pair of extension ones. It requires care for working smoothly and quietly. The work begins with removing dirt, if there is any. Usually, wiping the coils gently with soft lint-free cloth will do the trick. If there's any hard and stubborn sticky dirt, a mild and safe solvent should loosen it. The cleaned component requires lubrication maintenance. The important thing is to apply a thin coat of lubricant on all coils. Which lubricant is best? It is always a good idea to follow the recommendations of the door’s manufacturer. The weather is another factor to take into account. It is best to apply lithium-based spray in the fall as it will not harden during the winter even if the temperature drops very low.

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