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Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Springs in FloridaTorsion Spring Repair

There are not many things that can go wrong with the spring. If it is hard to move and/or makes strange sounds, lubrication should fix the problem. Lithium-based lubricant will work well even when the temperatures drop. If the door does not open or close properly, the garage door spring’s tension should be tested. After the opener is disconnected, the door should be lifted halfway to open position and released. If it drops down or moves up quickly, spring adjustment is required. It is easy to notice broken spring. The door will not move at all and there will be two pieces hanging on the shaft. You must not use the door until the broken part is replaced.

Extension Spring Installation

When a new extension spring is installed, it pays off to check the cycle life. Ideally, it should be 10,000 cycles or higher, if possible. The thicker the wire is, the stronger the component is. The installation involves connecting the spring to the bolt which holds it in place and to the first pulley via the fork. A safety cable is run through it so that when it breaks, the pieces will not shoot across the garage and cause damage or hurt someone. The lift cable is run over the first pulley and a second one and then attached to the bottom of the door. Both springs of the system are installed in the same way. They do not require lubrication to work properly. Testing will confirm that the installation is successful.

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