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Amarr Wood Garage Doors

Homeowners who want their house to have a traditional elegant look often prefer genuine wood overhead doors rather than steel ones with faux wood overlay or paint resembling the color of natural timber. Amarr offers a wide range of style, design and make when it comes to its wood garage door collection. It is possible to create a unique combination.Amarr Wood Garage Doors in Lutz

The structure of the doors consists of three layers. Polystyrene panels are set inside the openings of the wood frame. There is a layer of wood on each side of the frame holding the insulating material. As such, the units have an R-value of 9.0.

There are four different types of wood that can be used for making the unit. These include clear vertical grain cedar, incense cedar, which is lighter in color compared to its counterparts, red Grandis and mahogany.

There is a choice between 26 different designs

There are classic carriage house options and designs with raised and recessed panels of different sizes. Some designs come with windows while others do not. It is possible to have decorative hardware added to the door. There are sets containing different types of components. Most sets contain hinges and handles. There are also ones with plates and nails. It is up to the customer to decide which set to get for the chosen door style. Regardless of the chosen design, the door can be reinforced to withstand higher wind loads.

Just like all of their counterparts made from the same material, Amarr wood garage door requires special maintenance on a regular basis. It must be provided promptly so that the units can retain their original functionality and appearance.

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