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Why It’s Not Safe to DIY Garage Door Repair

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

You probably heard of so many horror stories about individuals who have had a horrible experience DIY-ing garage door repair. Garage door companies did not make up those horror stories just so the industry will grow. Those horror stories actually have basis.Why It’s Not Safe to DIY Garage Door Repair

Troubleshooting the heaviest moving equipment in your home comes with it a couple of risks, especially if what you have is some basic understanding of how it could work. Garage doors, no matter what kind or brand you have installed, come with a complex web of moving, stretching, and sliding parts.

The garage door cables and other hardware are connected to springs that are subjected to very high tension. The garage door opener, meanwhile, works with electricity. One wrong move and your fingers (at the very least!) could easily be trapped between the door sections. Even if you consider yourself the most skilled handyman in the house, experts affirm there are some repair issues that you cannot resolve. However, maintenance routines are manageable enough with some basic technical skills and knowledge. Since regular maintenance can help save you considerable amount in repairs, you should commit yourself to it once you have decided to own a modernistic door for your garage.

Regular maintenance schedule can mean a lot

Garage doors are subjected to heavy use. It is not surprising, then, to find some of their parts worn out or even broken after a period of time. Any malfunction could cause a major emergency, posing a dangerous hazard to your family as well as your property. To avoid suffering from such a consequence, make sure that you subject your unit to a thorough inspection at least every month. During the inspection, you might as well clean the dirt buildup and lubricate the moving parts, especially the brackets, rollers, and tracks.

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